1. Manuscript & License Agreement Preparation

The author must use the English language and the SI system (Système International d’Unités, often referred to as “International Units”) for measurements and units. The author must use AIP template [please click here to download]. The minimum length of the final camera-ready paper is 4 pages. The Author should prepare (at least) several sections in the manuscript: Background, Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, References. The maximum manuscript size is 10 MB. The References used in the manuscript is Vancouver style. The author must fill and submit the license agreement [please click here to download].

2. Register ICoIESE on EasyChair 

All authors are required to register CFP ICoIESE 2021 through EasyChair [please click here to download EasyChair registration guideline]. Upload the manuscript through the EasyChair Conference System [please click here to go to submission link].

3. Register & Confirmation for The ICoIESE

All participants are required to make a registration for the conference [please click here to register]. 

Terms & Conditions