The International Conference on Industrial, Enterprise, and System Engineering (ICoIESE) 2023 aims to gather practitioners and researchers who are interested in science, technology development, and innovation to share ideas, experiences, and knowledge. 

There are four tracks (but not limited to) the following: Industrial and Manufacturing System, Manufacturing and Materials Engineering, Innovation in Integrated Engineering, and ICT, Software, Hardware Engineering. 

ICoIESE focuses on real-world applications; therefore, authors should highlight the latest technological advancements, innovations, research findings, through certain methodologies in all aspects of science and technology. Papers describing systems, tools, and techniques and general survey papers indicating future directions are also encouraged, thus, ideas, directions of future studies will arise from the conference.

All papers accepted and presented have an opportunity for publication in AIP Publisher Press, indexed by Scopus and Web of Science (WoS)

Topic of Interest

Publication Procedure

Every manuscript that goes assessed by the following rules:

  1. Each manuscript submitted to the system of ICoIESE by the author, will do peer review.
  2. When a manuscript is received by editor in chief, it is first processed for the originality, the content of the paper, and the format. 
  3. The manuscript is checked for similar articles to make sure the work is not published under similar titles with possibly other notations (maximum similarity are 20%). 
  4. The figures should not be copied from other papers and they must be drawn appropriately. All equations must be typeset properly and they should not be in figure format. In addition, tables must be in table format. These are preliminaries to make sure that the paper is original. The iThenticate software will be used to carry out these steps.
  5. The editor in chief assigns the manuscript to an editor from the listed editorials of ICoIESE and he/she is responsible to find at least two reviewers for reviewing process. 
  6. The principle of recruitment of reviewers has at least written scientific journals as the first author, or a member of the author on three of articles, both publications of accredited national-scale scientific journals and international-scale scientific journal publications.
  7. The manuscript will be accepted at least recommended by two reviewers and with permission from the editor.

Details of the peer review are explained in the flowchart.